How to Wheelie A Dirt Bike: A Complete Beginners’ Guide

Are you looking to add some extra flair to your dirt bike riding by learning how to wheelie a dirt bike? Wheelies are a great way to do that, and they’re easier than you might think.

Here I will show you how to wheelie a dirt bike with my complete beginners’ guide. I’ll cover the basics of technique and safety tips. And I’ll even provide insight into more advanced tricks so that you learn how to wheelie your dirt bike like a pro!

So let’s get started on learning how to wheelie a dirt bike!

What are dirt bike wheelies?

Dirt bike wheelies are stunts where the rider lifts the front wheel off the ground, like in the movies. And then, the rider balances on the back wheel for an extended period of time. It’s not a mere flashy trick; it’s also useful for crossing hard terrain and obstacles.

You can perform wheelies at varying speeds and heights. In fact, there are different types of wheelies, such as the “power wheelie” and the “clutch wheelie”. 

But it’s important to note that wheelies can be dangerous. Hence, you should always wear proper safety gear and take precautions.

With enough practice and patience, anyone can learn how to wheelie a dirt bike. In this way, you can also add some excitement to your rides.

What do I need to know before attempting a wheelie?

have a safety gear first before learning how to wheelie a dirt bike
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Wear the right safety gear.

It’s important to wear the right safety gear when you are learning how to wheelie a dirt bike. This includes a helmet, gloves, and protective clothing so that you stay safe. Also, make sure that you adjust and maintain your bike well, with enough air in the tires and no loose parts.

Get the right type of dirt bike.

Having the right type of dirt bike is crucial when learning how to wheelie it. Your dirt bike should have a strong engine for power and a sturdy frame for stability. 

A bike that is too weak or unbalanced can make it difficult for you to perform a successful wheelie. It may even put you at risk of injury.

Thus, choosing the right type of dirt bike that fits your size and skill level is key to mastering this skill.

Look for an open area for practice.

Before attempting to wheelie your dirt bike, you must ensure that you have a safe and open area to practice. A flat and level surface is ideal for beginners. 

Also, an area with minimal obstacles and traffic is essential for safety. It’s also important to have enough space to maneuver and plan your routes.

The Basic Technique for Doing a Wheelie

first gear, clutch and throttles on a dirt bike in focus
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Start with the first gear.

To learn how to wheelie a dirt bike, starting in first gear is crucial. It provides the necessary power and traction to lift the front wheel off the ground. Additionally, it allows for better control and stability. 

Trying to do a wheelie in a higher gear can lead to a loss of balance and a potential injury. So always make sure to start in first gear when attempting your first few wheelies.

Master the use of the clutch and throttle.

To wheelie a dirt bike, use the clutch and throttle. Push down on the clutch, and then give it some gas with the throttle. This will help lift the front wheel off the ground. 

It’s also important to practice good throttle control. A sudden burst of gas can cause the front wheel to come down too fast, which can be dangerous. Then, increase the throttle in a gradual manner as you gain more confidence. 

With practice, you’ll develop better balance and control over your dirt bike. Next thing you know, performing a successful wheelie is much easier.

Maintain good balance and control.

Good balance and control are crucial when learning how to wheelie a dirt bike. You need to maintain a steady balance between the front and back wheels. You can do this by shifting your body weight backward and keeping your eyes straight ahead.

Additionally, proper body position is key to maintaining control. You should keep your elbows bent, your knees bent a little, and your body centered over the bike. This allows for more control over the bike, especially when the front wheel is in the air.

Tips for Practicing Wheelies

a man practicing wheelies
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Start with lower speeds.

It’s important to start small and build up little by little when learning how to wheelie a dirt bike. Starting with small wheelies at lower speeds will help you develop the skills and courage you need. 

As you gain more experience and control, you can attempt bigger and longer wheelies bit by bit. This not only cuts the risk of injury but also allows for more efficient learning and progress. 

Remember that learning how to wheelie a dirt bike takes time, patience, and practice. So, start small, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can progress!

Practice with a friend.

Practicing with a friend is helpful when learning how to wheelie a dirt bike. They can help you stay safe by spotting obstacles. They can also give you tips and feedback on how to improve your technique. 

Having a friend there can also make it more fun, so you will be more motivated to keep practicing!

Avoid these beginner mistakes.

Don’t try to wheelie in a higher gear, as this will make it difficult to maintain balance and control. Additionally, don’t try to wheelie on a slippery surface, as this can cause an accident.

Also, don’t give too much gas at once, as this can cause the front wheel to come down too fast, which can be dangerous. Finally, don’t forget to keep your eyes straight ahead. Stay balanced between the front and back wheels.

Also, I don’t recommend wheelies for kids, as this can cause serious harm. But, you can still take them with you in your dirt biking with a proper kids dirt bike for them to casually ride on. 

Advanced Wheelie Techniques

Now that you’ve mastered the basic technique for doing a wheelie, it’s time to move on to more advanced tricks. One such technique is seat bounce, which involves using your body weight to pull the bike up and off the ground.

The Seat Bounce

the seat bounce
Image Source: Vitalmx

To perform a seat bounce, start by shifting your weight forward as you approach a slight incline. Then, as the front wheel starts to rise, immediately pull your weight back and push down on the seat. This will create a rebound effect, causing the rear wheel to lift off the ground. 

Mastering the seat bounce takes practice. But once you get the hang of it, it’s a great way to impress your friends and add some flair to your dirt biking skills.

The Power Wheelie

the power wheelie
Image Source: WA

Another advanced technique is the power wheelie. It’s unlike seat bounce, which relies on your body weight. The power wheelie, then, is all about using the bike’s power to lift the front wheel off the ground. 

To perform a power wheelie, start by accelerating immediately in first gear. Then, as the bike begins to shift into second gear, snap the throttle backward quickly. This will cause the front wheel to pop up off the ground. 

You need to have good control over your bike while doing this, as this technique can be quite unstable.

Some key reminders

Always recall the basics of good balance, throttle control, and body positioning. But before trying any advanced wheelies, make sure you master the basics first. Start small and build up your skills and confidence. Practice often to perfect your wheelies.

You see, learning how to wheelie a dirt bike is an exciting and rewarding skill. But it takes time and practice to master. By starting small and practicing often, you can stay safe as you grow these skills. 

You can then be confident enough to perform impressive wheelies and other advanced tricks as you go. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there’s always something new to learn in the world of dirt biking. So get out there, have fun, and keep pushing your limits!


Is it necessary to have a specific type of dirt bike to do a wheelie?

Before you try a wheelie, make sure your dirt bike has a strong engine and good stability so you can do it safely. Check the manufacturer’s manual to see if your dirt bike can do wheelies. This rule also applies to dual sport motorcycles.

Can you learn how to wheelie a dirt bike by yourself?

Even though you can learn how to spin a dirt bike on your own, it is safer to have someone with you to help you. Having a friend with you will help you keep your balance and handle the bike while you are still learning.

Is it safe to practice wheelies on public roads or trails?

It is not advisable to perform wheelies on public roads or trails, as it can be unsafe. Look for a secure and open practice location, such as a vacant parking lot or a dirt bike park.

Can you do a wheelie on any gear on a dirt bike?

It is best to start learning wheelies in first gear because it is easy to handle. After getting good at the basic skill, it is possible to try wheelies at higher speeds. But you have to be careful and stay in control the whole time.

Let’s wrap it up.

Learning how to wheelie a dirt bike is an exciting and challenging journey. Mastering the skill takes time, practice, and patience. But it’s worth it when you see all your hard work come together in a cool trick.

There are always methods to improve dirt bike wheelies, whether you’re a novice or a pro. So get out there and keep pushing yourself until you reach your goal of becoming a pro!

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