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The 5 Best ATV Winches In 2023

Are you looking for the best ATV winches of 2023? It will be not easy to find an appropriate choice when faced with a multitude of options. I understand your struggle and am here to help. After extensive research, consideration, and testing – I have identified the top 5 ATV winches that provide reliable performance, ultimate durability, and convenient operations at a great price point.

Not only will these products work effectively but they also look great too! Keep reading below to learn more about how each product stands out from competitors and make an informed buying decision.

What are the best ATV winches?

When you’re out on the trails with your ATV, having a winch can be a lifesaver. A winch allows you to pull your vehicle up steep inclines, through mud, and over rocks without having to rely on another vehicle or person for help.

Choosing the right ATV winch is not as easy as it may seem. With so many different types and brands available, it can be hard to know which one is best for your needs. To help simplify this process, we’ve put together a guide to finding the best ATV winches for you and your off-roading adventures!

1. Badland ZXR 3500

Badland ZXR 3500, one of the best atv winches today
Image Source: Badlands


The Badland ZXR 3500 winch is a durable and reliable tool designed for off-road enthusiasts. With a powerful 3,500 lb. pulling capacity and 50 feet of heavy-duty steel cable, it can handle tough jobs. The winch also features automatic load-holding brakes and remote control for safe and easy operation. Its compact size and easy installation make it a great addition to any vehicle.

Top Features

  • 3500 lbs of pulling power
  • Comes with a 50 feet synthetic rope that is durable and resistant to abrasion
  • Equipped with a powerful 1.6 horsepower motor that is efficient and reliable
  • Includes a wireless remote control that allows you to operate the winch from a safe distance
  • Features a dynamic brake that provides excellent control when winching and prevents the rope from slipping
  • Designed with waterproof and dustproof housing, making it suitable for use in all weather conditions
  • Compact and lightweight, making it easy to install and transport


Priced at $299, the Badland ZXR 3500 is a reliable and powerful winch that can handle heavy loads and tough situations. It features a 3500lb pulling capacity and a three-stage planetary gear system, ensuring a smooth and efficient winching process. The winch also includes a wireless remote control for convenience and safety.

My Take

Badland ZXR 3500 Winch is best suited for off-road enthusiasts who require a reliable and powerful winch for their vehicles. With its impressive pulling capacity, durable construction, and easy-to-use features, the Badland ZXR 3500 Winch is highly recommended by experts in the off-roading community and one of the best ATV winches you can buy.

2. Superwinch LT2000 12v DC ATV Winch

Superwinch LT2000 12v DC ATV Winch
Image Source: Superwinch


Providing a maximum of 2,000 lbs of pulling power with precise control and dependable performance, the Superwinch LT2000 is an ideal choice for those seeking a trusted utility/multi-purpose winching. Easily operated via a handheld wired remote or free-spooling pull-and-turn clutch mechanism – this model has been perfected over years to guarantee durable results every time.

Top Features

  • 2,000 lbs rated line pull for light-duty applications
  • 12-volt DC motor for efficient and reliable performance
  • Dynamic brake for secure holding of load
  • Heavy-duty clevis pinned latch hook for safe attachment of the load
  • 49 feet of 5/32-inch wire rope for extended reach
  • Sealed solenoid for protection against weather and dust
  • Handheld remote control for convenient operation
  • 1.2 horsepower permanent magnet motor for high torque and power output


The Superwinch LT2000 12v DC ATV Winch is a dependable and robust winch, ideal for those seeking a reliable off-road recovery tool. Its tough build can handle challenging situations and pull vehicles out of sticky spots. The winch’s easy installation makes it an excellent choice for both seasoned and novice off-roaders. Priced at $108.99, it is an affordable option compared to other winches in the market and a great value for its features.

My Take

The Superwinch LT2000 12v DC ATV Winch is ideal for ATVs and small trailers, with a 2,000 lb capacity and a dynamic brake for load control. Its lightweight design makes it easy to mount, and it comes with a remote control and roller fairlead for safe and easy use. Overall, this is one of the best ATV winches in the market today, and there’s no better investment to your ATV gears than this.

3. Warn Axon 35-S

Warn Axon 35-S
Image Source: Warn


The Warn Axon 35-S is a durable and powerful winch with a 3,500-pound capacity, which is ideal for off-road enthusiasts and professional operators. Its advanced technology includes a digital control system, synthetic rope, and an automatic load-holding brake. It boasts a sleek design with a black powder-coated finish and aluminum construction. It is a reliable and versatile winch suitable for various applications.

Top Features

  • 3,500 lb. capacity
  • Synthetic rope
  • 50′ of 7/32″ diameter rope
  • Fully sealed motor and drivetrain
  • All-metal construction
  • Black powder-coated finish
  • Dynamic Brake Control
  • Digital control system with load indicator
  • Wired and wireless remote controls
  • Limited lifetime warranty


The Warn Axon 35-S is a powerful and reliable winch priced at $699.99, suitable for a range of off-road vehicles with a 3,500 lbs capacity. Its digital control system and wireless remote provide precise operation and safety, while the synthetic rope ensures durability and strength. It’s an essential tool for off-road enthusiasts who demand top-notch performance and reliability.

My Take

The Warn Axon 35-S is best suited for off-road enthusiasts and 4×4 vehicle owners who require a dependable and powerful winch for their adventures in challenging terrains. Its advanced features, such as the digital control system and durable construction, make it a top choice for demanding off-road applications.

4. KFI Stealth Series

KFI Stealth Series
Image Source: KFI


The KFI Stealth Series offers a line of high-quality winches designed for off-road enthusiasts. These winches feature a sleek and durable black design, as well as waterproof and corrosion-resistant components. With powerful motors and synthetic ropes, the KFI Stealth Series winches provide reliable performance and exceptional pulling power. Perfect for any ATV, UTV, or truck, these winches are an essential accessory for any outdoor adventure.

Top Features

  • Rated line pull capacity of up to 12,500 lbs.
  • Synthetic rope for high strength and durability
  • IP68-rated waterproof construction for all-weather use
  • Automatic load-holding brake for reliable control and safety
  • Wireless remote control for easy and convenient operation
  • Three-stage planetary gear system for smooth and efficient performance
  • Limited lifetime warranty for added peace of mind


The KFI Stealth Series winches range in price from around $300 to $600, depending on the model and features. While they may be more expensive than some competitors, they offer superior performance and durability, making them a great investment for anyone in need of a reliable winch.

My Take

KFI Stealth Series is best suited for off-road enthusiasts who demand high-performance winching with maximum reliability. They offer impressive pulling power, and smooth operation, and are built to withstand harsh environments, making them an excellent choice for serious off-roaders.

5. Tusk ATV Winch

Tusk ATV Winch
Image Source: Tusk


The Tusk ATV Winch is a powerful and reliable winch designed for all-terrain vehicles. With a pulling capacity of up to 3,500 pounds and waterproof construction, it is ideal for off-road adventures. The winch also features a compact design, synthetic rope, and a wireless remote for easy operation, and it comes with all the necessary hardware for installation.

Top Features

  • Heavy-duty winch capable of handling loads up to 3,500 pounds
  • Powerful 1.6 horsepower motor
  • Comes with wireless remote control for added safety and convenience
  • 50-foot steel cable (synthetic rope option available)
  • Compact design for easy mounting on a variety of vehicles
  • Automatic load-holding brake for added safety
  • Easy to install with comprehensive instruction manual and installation hardware


The Tusk ATV Winch is a rugged and reliable accessory for ATV and UTV enthusiasts. With a 3,500-pound line pull capacity and waterproof design, it can handle tough terrains and heavy loads. Priced at just $199.99, it’s an excellent value for its quality and performance.

My Take

Tusk ATV Winch is best suited for off-road enthusiasts who require reliable and efficient winching power. It is ideal for pulling heavy loads and getting out of tough situations. It offers exceptional performance, durability, and value for its price point, making it a top pick for ATV and UTV winching needs.

What are the 3 types of winches?

The three types of winches are electric, hydraulic, and mechanical. Electric winches are powered by an electric motor and are typically used for light to medium-duty applications. Hydraulic winches are powered by a hydraulic system that uses fluid pressure to generate the force needed to operate the winch. These winches are typically used for heavy-duty applications. Lastly, mechanical winches are powered by human labor, using a lever mechanism to pull in the cable. These winches are typically used for light-duty applications or where there is no power source available.

What is the best winch size?

The best winch size depends on the weight of the load being pulled and the intended use of the winch. A general rule of thumb is to choose a winch with a weight capacity of at least 1.5 times the weight of the load. For example, a 4,000-pound winch would be appropriate for pulling a 2,500-pound vehicle.

What winch cable is best for ATVs?

When it comes to choosing a winch cable for your ATV, the best option is a synthetic winch rope. Unlike steel cables, synthetic ropes are lightweight, easier to handle, and won’t kink or rust. They have a higher breaking strength and are less likely to cause injury if they snap under tension. Look for a rope made of high-strength synthetic fibers with a diameter appropriate for your ATV’s winch capacity.

Wrap up

When it comes to choosing the best ATV winches, there are several factors to consider such as power rating, cable type, and pricing. The KFI Stealth Series offers superior performance and durability for a slightly higher price point whereas the Tusk ATV Winch is an excellent value for its quality and performance.

Ultimately, your choice should be based on your individual needs – whether you need more pulling capacity or waterproof construction – so take some time to research which one best suits your off-roading requirements.

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